A wild dog with his head stuck in a jar receives a much needed helping hand

When a dog is left to fend for itself on the streets, or in the wild they have to learn how to survive quite quickly, or else. This often means they dig through trash to find anything resembling food scraps to eat, and burrowing into other piles of garbage as a makeshift shelter to keep warm, or shaded. Naturally, this level of desperation can often lead to dangerous, even tragic situations.

The folks at Animal Aid Unlimited got a call recently about a wild dog, who lived next to a trash-filled river that had got its head stuck in a plastic jar. After searching the area, the Animal Aid workers finally tracked the dog down in the forest, it was barely able to breathe.

Fortunately, not all tragic stories have tragic endings, and watching the dog run free at the end of the video will put a smile on your face. Unfortunately, due to such a high number of straw dogs, Animal Aid Unlimited can only spare space at the center for the most desperate of cases, which is why they let the straw run wild, instead of bringing it in.

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