Cats and rats can get along after all

You will love this absolutely cuddly video of a stray orange tabby and rats named Peanut and Mocha. Maggie Szpot found the cat as a stray but already had the two rats as rescue animals. They never quite knew how well all of the animals would interact with one another. Not only did they give the new tabby the name Ranj, but the three animals were able to get along very well.

All three of them behave like good friends and Peanut and Ranj roam the house together like an inseparable pair. Check out this cute video and see just how well these two very different creatures get along. The cat even lets the mice eat directly out of her bowl and since they have all grown up together they get along fine.

Unfortunately since the time that this video has been posted Peanut has passed away, but this video is a nice memory of the friendship that these animals once had.

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