The creepiest butcher shop in London

Before the release of Resident Evil 6 back in 2012, game developers at Capcom came up with a gruesome marketing scheme to draw attention to their latest creation before it hit the selves. To carry out their gory ploy, they set up shop at a popular London marketplace.

When unsuspecting shoppers perused the stalls at Smithfield Market that day, they were greeted with a horrifying surprise.

Although seemingly normal upon first glance, terrified shoppers quickly realized that this butcher stall was serving up something disgusting.


The setup was designed to recreate the final scene in the game, which takes place in a butcher shop that specializes in purveying the finest cuts of human flesh.

Guests were invited to step right up and try some of the morbid butcher’s free samples.


Even though these disturbing delicacies were made of pork, beef, and chicken molded into human body parts, patrons were still less than eager to give them a go.

Some brave souls, however, mustered up the courage to buy a few items.


Thigh steaks and human sausages were popular selections.


All proceeds went to the Limbless Association, which supports amputee patients throughout the U.K.

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