The relationship this woman and wolf have will melt your heart

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is filled with all sorts of animals. With all sorts of wild beasts roaming the Colorado woods it is a scene equally serene and threatening, depending on the animal stalking the scenery. Mainly, the Center’s namesake animal:

The wolf. They can be large, intimidating figures; beautiful and dominating, commanding respect from all those who visit.
Well, all of that is true unless you are a recent visitor to the Center Danielle.

When Danielle enters the woods of the Wildlife Center and enters the woods one of the biggest wolves at the Center, Kekoa, becomes the opposite of aggressive or intimidating. You will not believe how the two interact.

If you want to learn more about the Center and the research that goes on there check out their website. Oh, and you may just catch another glimpse of Kekoa and Danielle.

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