The Simpsons gives us what we have all been wanting

It seems like the U.S. Presidential campaign has been going on for almost a year already and the election is not even for another seven months. Thankfully, The Simpsons have given us what we have all been waiting for: The U.S. presidential candidates partaking in a full out brawl.

The Debateful Eight sees The Simpsons finally sink their teeth into the traveling sideshow that has been the Republican and Democratic candidate campaigns.

The scene is a dream sequence, as Marge Simpson cannot sleep thinking about the media and the candidates constantly fighting. Her dream starts off as a wonderful, happy-go-lucky song and dance done by all of the candidates, but quickly turns too an all-for-one battle royale … only, an actual physical battle, unlike the verbal jousting and mud slinging that has been happening in every debate in real life.

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