These baby meerkats were born to be in front of the camera!

Taronga Zoo in Sydney, New South Wales, marketed an adorable milestone recently celebrating the birth of the first meerkat pups in nearly seven years.

Born in early January to Nairobi and Maputo the pups are in good health and the zookeepers believe their sexes to be one female and one male. Oh, andthey were born with a healthy appetite for the limelight.
“They were initially a little wary of this big new world outside, but with a bit of encouragement from mom and dad they started to explore,” said zookeepers Courtney Mahony.

The pups weighted only a few grams at birth but have steadily been putting on weight and growing healthily. Not to mention also learning new tricks for the camera such as standing on their hind legs.
For more meerkat cuteness check out the adorable video.

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