This traveler takes his selfie game to an insane new level

GoPros and selfie sticks have forced wayward travelers with the knack for documenting their adventures to really push their creative limits.

We have all seen hundreds if not thousands of photos and videos shot in exotic locations stretching every corner of the world. However, this dude raised his selfie game too a whole new level! This adventurer strapped a selfie stick to his back planting a forward facing camera pointing outwards, giving us the POV similar to a third person shooter video game.

This video was shot during his travels through Colombia and his crazy third-person shooting style of documenting really helps capture the vibrant colours, culture and atmosphere of the places he visits in a much more arresting way than a simple point and shoot collection of photos would.

His experiment leaves us with an inspiring vantage point and full of a little bit of wanderlust ourselves.

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