Triplets, and a toddler plus bedtime equals a delightfully tiring ordeal

It’s bedtime, the best time! Well, unless your a household with small children. Let alone a household with four children still in diapers. Now that requires focus and a lot of patience.

Dan Gibson, not winning any partner of the year awards anytime soon, recorded Corrie-Lynn Whyte getting – or trying to get – their eight-month-old triplets and their two-year-old into their Pjs.

Triplets Olivia, Levi and Jackson crawl, twist, shimmy and shake all around while their big sister Emily jumps on and off and all-around the bed. Whyte cannot help but smile at the chaos going on around her. This video is a sped up time lapse of a process that lasted six minutes real time. Now that is patience … and only one night of the week!

The video has gone viral, but hopefully Dan spends some more time helping Corrie-Lynn out and less time filming this exhausting feat next bed time.

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