Watch this baby get heavy eyelids as dad plays piano

Getting kids to fall asleep can be a challenge. Some kids have some go to activities that can put them to bed very quickly however. This dad has certainly found the secret in his piano playing.

Baby Sam was having a particularly difficult time falling asleep while he was struggling with an ear ache. His dad decided to sit down at the Piano with Sam in his lap to try Brahms Lullaby. In just a few minutes Sam was asleep even through the discomfort of his ear ache.

You may be able to use this type of strategy to get your own children to sleep if you can play the piano.

Watch how quickly it works on Sam and how much the father seems to enjoy playing his son to sleep.

Do you have proven tricks to get your kids to sleep? Has a lullaby ever worked this well on your children? Share your stories below!

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